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March 2014

Tax Tips – Donations to Charity

Many people make donations to charities whose work they support, but if you are planning to take a tax deduction for your gift, you must have the proper paperwork. Assembling the right documentation can also be tricky because the requirements vary based on whether the donation is cash and on the value of your gift. If you donate less than $250 in cash, for example, a canceled check, credit card …Read More

It’s Tax Time… Do you need to file an extension?

Can’t get tax stuff ready by April 15th? We can prepare an extension request for you. The extension period is 6 months, which extends the due date for submitting your final returns from April 15 to Oct. 15. Filing an extension grants you additional time to submit your complete and accurate return, but it does not extend the time for payment…you still need to estimate whether you will owe any …Read More