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From Mark G. Enderle, CPA – Good News from the DOJ

Good news from the DOJ – last week, the Department of Justice charged 61 for their roles in the now familiar tax phone scams. Maybe some of you have even spoken with some of these folks! It’s no fun being on the receiving end of these calls, as the callers can be quite intimidating. Most of the callers worked in call centers based in Ahmedabad, India, where they impersonated Internal Revenue Service and other federal officials and demanded payments for nonexistent debts. U.S. Assistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell said at a news conference that the United States will be seeking the extradition of those based in India and warned others engaged in these type of scams. 24 people across nine U.S. states were indicted by a grand jury in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas.

This cannot be all of the scammers out there, so remain vigilant. We recommend that all such calls be reported to the Taxpayer Inspector General. You do not have to engage these people when they call…just hang up.

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